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Qui Vive is a Dutch project choir and orchestra of about 50 musicians that travels to France in July at the start of each summer holiday to perform beautiful classical music. The group was founded in 1998 by Ad van Unen and Annemarie de Groot who envisioned France as the ideal place for a group of musical enthusiasts to pitch their tents for a relaxed holiday and a week of musical bliss.

Qui Vive consists of amateurs and a few (semi-) professional musicians and is conducted by Ad van Unen, music teacher and conductor of several choirs in Delft and Breda.

The home concerts are coming!​

Qui Vive is celebrating its silver jubilee with Monteverdi ‘s Vespers for the Blessed Virgin

On 3 and 4 September, the home visitors in Pijnacker and Breda can enjoy the complete Monteverdi Vespers, as Qui Vive performed in France this summer. The music company was in La Flèche for the second time this year.


Qui Vive generally presents varied concerts with music from the Baroque to the present day, but the 2022 program is unique because it consists of just one work. Ad van Unen, conductor and artistic director of Qui Vive since its foundation in 1998, chose one of the most important works in music literature for this anniversary: ​​the complete Vespers for the Blessed Virgin by Claudio Monteverdi. This work marks the transition from Renaissance to Baroque music. When asked why this choice was made, he gave several reasons:

“It was a long-cherished wish of mine to carry out this work. The combination with Gregorian chant takes me back to my childhood, when I sang in a church choir. I also like the beautiful Latin psalm lyrics and the rhythmic variation. Finally, I admire the way in which Monteverdi alternates the old composition style with the new (in his day) style, which makes the work varied and at the same time unity, both in the individual parts and in the entire composition.”


There is variety in this concert not only in the composition but also in the large number of high-quality vocal soloists. Every reason to come and listen and enjoy.


Both concerts are free to attend and start at 4 pm:

Saturday September 3 PIJNACKER: Dorpskerk, Koningshof 3

Sunday September 4 BREDA: Antoniuskerk, Sint Janstraat


A voluntary contribution is greatly appreciated.