Qui Vive: making music together, but also so much more!

Some members explain what Qui Vive means to them:


“The concert week with Qui Vive means to me, Linda van Hest, one of the highlights of the year! We make music at a high level in beautiful places in France with fantastic and musical people. This creates a great connection, which is very valuable and priceless !! ”


“A wonderful holiday with friends for life. While our children play together, we make music together, create a star meal on a camping gas stove and come up with the most hilarious ‘talent in the tent’ acts.”
Linda v.d. Wal


“For me, Qui Vive is the place where I have been able to develop as a person and as a singer. A warm bath and a safe haven where I always experience the genuine joy of making music together and where I have made friendships for life.”
Wendy R. 


“A warm bath! A nice group of people who made me feel like I belonged from the very beginning. The environment is beautiful, we make music in beautiful places, but I am especially grateful that I am allowed to make music in such a great – social and musical – ensemble.”



And from a reaction from neighbors at the campsite:


“We arrived at the campsite in Vendôme, the maman at the reception told about a large choir from the Netherlands and a concert that was to take place that same evening.
My husband had a chat with one of you. He lyrically told about choir, orchestra and conductors. We heard a young lady playing the violin; it later turned out that she was playing one of the Brandenburg concerts by heart; we heard some singing and were sold. The evening concert was beautiful.
It was nice to see how a large group interacts with each other and yet respectfully leaves each other alone.
Oh, how nice was the singing on Friday morning accompanied by guitar. Children’s songs, western songs, ‘aunt from Morocco’. The pastor in a straw hat danced along. How wonderful when you can enjoy music and singing so intensely.
‘Is this another world?’ We wondered. . . In any case, a soft, mild and non-violent world, together.


‘Didn’t we bother you?’ One of you asked. Really!, bother, we enjoyed it.” 

two Dutch fellow campers in Vendôme